Development Project Flow


Follow the 80/20 rule…

Creating a website is a journey that requires careful planning and execution. Together we need to ensure each step of the project flow is clear and impactful, setting the stage for your website’s success. Roughly 80% of work will be done in planning so that the remaining 20% of development is smooth and impactful. This document outlines typical stages from an initial meeting to a grand launch, detailing what you can expect and what will be delivered.

1. Requirements Gathering

The adventure begins with understanding your vision, customers, goals and marketing mix. Tako Mojo will sit down with you to discuss your project’s objectives, target audience, desired functionalities, and overall look. We will jointly define the project scope and requirements, ensuring that we capture all your needs in a comprehensive document.

2. Design Iteration and Prototyping

Armed with your requirements, Tako Mojo will start the creative process. We’ll create mood boards, wireframes, and prototypes as needed to give you a tangible feel of what your website will look like. You’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback, and we will refine the designs until you are thrilled with the direction and the requirements are deemed feasible.

3. Content Addition

Content truly brings a website to life. During this phase, we will discuss your content and messaging strategy and sitemap structure. Tako Mojo will populate your website with compelling and optimized content, including text, images, videos, and other multimedia, according to the strategic plan we developed together.

4. Development Build

Once you sign off on the designs, Tako Mojo will bring them to life. During this phase, we develop the functional (WordPress) backend and beautiful front end of your website. It is important to note that major design changes are no longer feasible as of the beginning of this stage without affecting the project’s timeline and budget.

5. Testing

Tako Mojo tests your website to ensure functionality across common devices and browsers to address bugs and usability issues and ensure your website operates smoothly and meets your expectations.

6. Staging

Before going live, we move your website to a staging environment—a replica of what the live site will be. This stage allows you to review everything in a real-world setting without public visibility. It is your chance to see your website in full action and approve the final product.

7. QA Audit

Tako Mojo conducts a thorough Quality Assurance (QA) audit to ensure the website adheres to all predefined standards and requirements. This review covers functionality, performance, and security to guarantee a great launch.

8. Final Sign-Off, Training, and Launch

Your final approval is crucial. Once you sign off, your website is ready to go live. It’s important to understand that any post-sign-off design changes are considered outside the original project scope, and will require a discussion regarding additional scope and costs.